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Interfaith Ceremonies
According to Webster's Dictionary

in*ter*faith \ adj (1932) : involving persons of different religious faiths

I am one of many thousands of American couples who are part of an interfaith marriage. My experience is a testament to the possibility of a loving relationship and thriving marriage between two people of different religious faiths. However, falling in love with someone outside your own religion does raise questions that other couples need not address, such as...

  • How can we understand and respect each other's religious backgrounds in our interfaith relationship?
  • How can we be close to both families?
  • How do we celebrate holidays?
  • How do we choose a religious identity for our children?

Several years ago my wife and I attended a fifteen-hour, six week seminar for Interfaith Couples that explored the very questions raised above. Last year, I returned to that seminar to gain a different perspective. I learned how to facilitate, direct, and lead this program for other couples that might find themselves in similar circumstances. Through these experiences, I gained additional knowledge which allows me to provide you with some direction for exploring your own interfaith relationship. 

In addition to both my personal and professional involvement with interfaith issues, I am also ordained through the Universal Brotherhood Movement, a non-denominational ministry promoting the oneness of all mankind. My life experiences and ordination have increased my appreciation, sensitivity and awareness surrounding interfaith relationships. I offer many alternatives to traditional religious ceremonies and I welcome all faiths. I encourage your involvement and contribution of unique ideas in creating a meaningful ceremony.

"I think all of our guests had a wonderful time and appreciated your explanations of both the Jewish and Christian traditions we included and your way of conducting the ceremony."  
                - Ben & Katie Smith

Many couples like to include a statement acknowledging their different backgrounds and faiths to begin the wedding ceremony. The purpose is to emphasize their appreciation for their own and each otherís traditions. 
For example:

"By participating in this ceremony, Bride & Groom are asking me to join them in expressing to family and friends that they both considered their religious upbringing and tradition to be important. In marriage, they chose not to sacrifice their commitment to these traditions but instead to share them with one another."

    "Bride & Groom have created this ceremony. They have woven from threads of two traditions, a fabric that represents who they are together. They wish to share with you their reflections on marriage and their hopes for the future..."


For more on interfaith ceremonies, click on the link below for the Dovetail Institute site:


A Small Sampling of Literary Resources:

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